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What is Legal Coaching?

Legal coaching is a relatively new concept:  

  1. It is a process whereby you can manage your own situation, with the help of a legal coach as your personal guide to help you navigate what options are available to get matters resolved as simply as possible, thereby reducing the legal and emotional costs that family cases may involve;
  2. People have the opportunity of obtaining legal assistance from a lawyer to help you navigate matters with respect to a pre-separation, a separation agreement, cohabitation/marriage agreement or a court matter (eg, getting that undefended divorce through that the registry keeps rejecting) or a second opinion if you already have a legal advisor or are receiving advice from well-meaning friends;
  3. You are able to receive an overview of your situation and the options available to deal with the matter from a lawyer who has been practising family law for over 43 years!

A Cost Effective Way to Resolution

Having a lawyer normally requires a significant retainer, which many find overwhelming. With Legal Coaching however, you decide what amount of help you need with guidance from the legal coach, which is very cost-effective. you are in control of the pace and cost. Family law matters by their nature can be difficult, but legal coaching is one way to reduce a part of that financial and emotional burden.

Why a Legal Coach?

Control Your Cost

With Legal Coaching you spend as much or as little as you want with clear upfront rates. With no retainer fee!


Our lawyers will make sure you feel confident in your proceedings and are there to answer any concern you may have.


Communication in person, online, or on the phone. We will accommodate you to make sure you feel supported during a difficult time.

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